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Caribbean species are direct from the diver. No middle man. Less handling which is less stress for the fish.
Jeremy Wade from "River Monsters" showcased our jellyfish on The Today Show on April 7th.

We are a Tropical Fish and Invertebrate wholesaler in the Florida Keys for over 31 years. We deal almost exclusively in locally caught marine life from this area, and occasionally import select items from other countries. All of our fish are hand caught and are kept in a medicated system for at least a few days before shipping. We do our best to clean the fish of any parasites or disease they might have in the wild.  Outstanding quality and customer service is what you will get from us.

We ship next day FedEx for small orders Tuesday or Wednesday. Larger orders are shipped with commercial airlines for Tuesday arrival only. We pack for most kinds of weather and a small fish will be OK in a box for as long as 48 hours. Most inverts will last 2-3 days if the temperature is favorable. They are usually boxed in Styrofoam, then cardboard. (8.00 box charge) In the summer we use ice packs and in the winter, heat packs. (Heat 2.00 ea.) We welcome hobbyists who just want a few things although a large percentage of our business is with public aquariums and pet stores. Pet stores should send proof of their business to for wholesale pricing. We guarantee live arrival for overnight shipping only. Any other shipping is at your own risk. We will not ship if we feel the shipment will not make it alive. If you have any problems (which is rare) you need to contact us ASAP and we will do everything possible to keep you happy. Shipping costs are the customer's responsibility.

We were on the board of directors for the Florida Marine Life Association (FMLA) They are a group of marine life collectors in Florida that was chosen by the state and federal government to help make the rules and regulations for licenses for the marine life collectors. This industry is tightly controlled and regulated by the state of Florida. Each and every item collected for resale must be reported to the state once a month. The state of Florida is looked at by the rest of the world for its comprehensive marine life rules. We at Caribbean Tropicals are proud to be part of that.

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Florida Saltwater Products License SPL/RS #89332

Florida Marine Life Diver License MLD #663

Florida Special Activities License SA #314

Florida Retail License RC #209433

Florida Wholesale License WD #4105

County Occupational License #53110-22128 


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